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This section of the website is dedicated to resources, initiatives and ideas for churches in their work with primary schools. Supporting church and primary school relationships is one of GenR8’s three core areas of work. In this section we have collected information from local and national organisations that run projects, or give support to churches.

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Primary School Initiatives

    • Walk Through the Bible: A lively educational RE initiative (Old and New Testament) for years 5 and 6. An interactive approach using all learning styles
    • Godly Play: Re-telling of Bible stories for young children, using models & symbols. Invites listeners into the stories using ‘wondering’
    • Open The Book: Short dramatised Bible stories on various themes.  Usually involves a team of volunteers leading Collective Worship (assemblies)
    • Lifepath: A Scripture Union project to help Christians in local communities organise events to which they can invite schools. LifePath aims to give Key Stage 2 pupils the opportunity to explore the Christian faith through the life of a well-known historical Christian figure with a link to their locality. This can be used as a springboard to encourage reflection on their own lifepath
    • LifeMatters: The aim of Life Matters is to help year 7 students settle into their new school as part of their transition from primary to secondary education. It gives students the opportunity to explore what matters to them and a chance to understand what matters to Christians. Life Matters builds on the “Its Your Move” books. Usually this is a day long programme but it can be shortened
    • After-School and Lunchtime Clubs: Many primary schools are open to Christians running a range of lunchtime and after-school clubs for their pupils. It can be hard to find ready-made resources but some tried and tested bible based resources include:

Schools Live: Web based resource for primary and secondary schools. Lots of outlines and ideas to mix and match

    • School Governor Information: Transforming Governing is a website for Christians who are school governors in England. It encourages Christians to become governors and aims to enable them to be more effective, contributing usefully to the life of primary and secondary schools
    •  Collective Worship (Assemblies): Leading assemblies is a great way of supporting schools and building positive relationships.  Check out our “12 Top Tips for leading Collective Worship” page. Here are some helpful Collective Worship resource web sites:

Prayer Spaces

      • Inspire: Interactive and reflective spaces for class-sized groups to explore prayer. Suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils
      • Prayer spaces in schools : Ideas and advice for setting up prayer spaces in schools. Stories & testimonies from those who have run them
      • Orison: Interactive experience to encourage pupils to consider spirituality, and take part in hands-on prayer activities

Pastoral Care

      • Mentoring: Offering support to schools and students through mentoring can be an effective way of building good relationships with schools.
      • Chaplaincy: Chaplaincy is another effective way of working with schools. There are various chaplaincy
        models but many successful chaplaincies result from local conversations between church and school.
      • This Way Up : This Way Up exists to support young people who are struggling with life changing events such as the divorce or separation of their parents or the death of someone close. Training and resources are available for volunteers to go into schools and work alongside children  and young people who are finding life difficult

RE – Religious Education

      • RE Online: “Your starting place for RE on the web”.  A parent site, giving links to many others for all those interested in religious education in England
      • RE:quest: Resources for teaching about Christianity in RE. Key stages 1-4
      • RE Days: John Hardwick offers themed days to primary schools
      • RE Visits: Local Christians take part in RE lessons, speaking from their own faith and personal experience
      • Stapleford Centre: Resources that support the teaching of Christianity within RE and Collective Worship. All resources are produced by experts in their field and are practical, contemporary ways to get pupils thinking outside of the box

PSHE – Personal, Social and Health Education

      • Body & Soul: “Body & Soul” is a substantial pack of teaching and learning activities to develop self-awareness and an understanding of relationship skills for 9-11s. Teaches relationship skills as a foundation for wise choices in adolescence
      • Evaluate: A relationship and sex education programme consisting of a set of four lively age-appropriate multimedia presentations delivered in schools by teams of trained volunteer educators
      • Esteem: A course providing sex and relationship education, training and resources to individuals, youth/schools workers and churches
      • HopeUK: Provides drugs awareness and education for schools, churches and parents

Support and Advice Organisations

      • GenR8: As well as providing a number of initiatives GenR8 can also offer support, advice and training to churches in their work with primary schools and children. email: Steve Whyatt
      • Ely Diocese Education Team: Provides advice for Church of England schools’ staff, support for RE teachers and SACRE guidance
      • Schoolswork UK: Resources, inspiration and training website for Christian schools work

Government Education Websites

      • Department For Education: The Department for Education was formed on 12 May 2010 and is responsible for education and children’s services
      • Ofsted: Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills

Do let us know of other ideas or resources that we could include. For more information email: Steve Whyatt or telephone: 01223 237874.

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