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The Ofsted Inspector judged the assembly as Outstanding. – Head Teacher

At lunchtime today, a colleague of mine was overseeing a game of football…At one point, one child hurt another. After the sorry had been said, my colleague asked: ‘What should happen now?’ She did the sign GenR8 taught us for ‘forgive’. About 15 boys copied the sign and shouted ‘forgive’!’Teacher

The response from the children was outstanding! – Ofsted Inspector

Thank you for visiting our school – you all make a valuable contribution that contributes greatly to our children’s spiritual development. Head Teacher.

The school does not have many Christian visitors…it was very encouraging to have GenR8 come in and offer such a positive programme. Vicar

I thought the content and delivery were absolutely brilliant. The rapport with the children was terrific. Governor, TA and mum!

It was beautifully presented, super content with lots of opportunity for personal development (for everyone taking part) Church Volunteer

It was outstanding….we look forward to making this a regular feature of our school calendar  – Head Teacher

I personally found it an emotional experience. Head Teacher

This is the best thing we’ve ever done!  Student

GenR8 have delivered assemblies to 350 children with ages between 5 and 11. They have a variety of approaches to their theme thus ensuring the message is fully received by all. Their assemblies are well paced and use a variety of styles ensuring 100% attendance by all – including adults!! … Highly recommended. Head Teacher

The school really appreciates the way you engage with the children at so many different levels and got the real Christmas message across so effectively. Head Teacher

Excellent, great, the kids thoroughly enjoyed an enthusiastic presentation that was really useful as we revised the points raised in class. – Teacher

You could tell how well the children enjoyed the presentation by the look on their faces!” Head Teacher 

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